CPM is a Competence Centre for Environmental Assessment of Product and Material Systems. CPM was established at Chalmers University of Technology
in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1996 and is now a national competence center jointly funded by Industry, IVL and Chalmers.   

Critical Success Factors:

  • Open exchange of information, knowledge and results between member companies.

  • Cross functional cooperation with the University 

  • Common focus on sustainable development 

  • Proactive approach 

  • The combined competence of our strong network

Overall goals:

  • To improve environmental performance of products.

  • To provide industry and society with relevant methods and support for implementation of sustainable aspects in business related decisions.

  • To gather and reinforce the competence within sustainable development of industry at highest international level.

CPM is the meeting place for the development of tools and methods for sustainable development.


CPM has been established in agreement between these parties:

Scientific participation:

Industrial partners:


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CPM, S-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden. Phone +46 31 772 56 40. Fax +46 31 772 56 49. Email contact@cpm.chalmers.se